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What we do

The Talent and Leadership Club provides a wide range of benefit to Club members. It is constantly evolving so feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

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Expert Speakers


The Talent and Leadership Club has access to a wide range of speakers who give up their time to come and share their expertise with Club members over Zoom. Topics covered in the past include ESG, I&D, psychometric assessment and mental health.

Peer to peer WhatsApp groups

There is a thriving WhatsApp discussion group giving members instant access to hundreds of peers to ask for recommendations, help and advice.  

Learning ​Leader Programme

The Club has developed the Learning Leader Programme, a programme to support learning professionals in leadership roles to develop the skills they need to lead a modern learning function.


For more information on the programme use this link. 

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Dinner series

We partner with learning providers to put on dinners where we hear from expert speakers and have the opportunity to meet in person to discuss challenges we are facing as learning professionals.  

Shared Resources

We have a shared space where Club members have uploaded resources for others to benefit from.  

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Vimeo Channel

There is a Vimeo channel exclusively for Club members that contains recordings from the expert speakers we have coming to talk to us. There are a wide range of subjects covered with some world class content. 

Discussion Groups

When Club members have specific things they wish to discuss they organise ad hoc discussion groups to explore their challenges. These are recorded and made available for Club members to watch at a later date if they are not able to attend.

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