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The Talent and Leadership Club was founded by Ben Chambers as a way to bring professionals working in the field of learning, talent, and leadership development together to share knowledge and collaborate. 

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Ben started his career working in generalist HR for organisations such as House of Fraser and Marconi. He soon found a passion for learning and development and has worked for organisations such as HSBC, Tesco, GSK and now Grant Thornton. This has been in a variety of roles that have included positions such as Head of Leadership Development and Head of Learning. He has also spent time in consulting roles, working with large global organisations, spending time living in the UK, India and Australia.

Collaboration and community building has been an ongoing mission for Ben with the Talent and Leadership Club being the best example of this. He is doing the background research for a PhD on community building and would like to connect with anyone who shares his interest in this topic. 

To contact Ben:

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