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22nd March 2017 @ Fidelity

Agenda items:

  • Apprenticeships

  • Senior Management Development

  • Smart, Lean, Fast

  • Induction


  • Not calling things apprenticeships, but putting people through an apprenticeships scheme. Badging as professional development

  • Some organisations are 'employer providers' of apprenticeship schemes

  • Airlines have worked with other airlines, Trailblazer groups referenced.

  • Different organisation doing the end assessment to running the programme to mitigate levels of fraud.

  • Different approaches for devolved nations.

  • Still need to budget for assessor at the end of the process.

  • Open University have been quite innovative in the solutions to avoid the process being too classroom based.

  • Worth exploring as a Diversify and Inclusion viewpoint. Returning form mat leave, etc.

  • One organisation had mid career change programme, didn't enable anyone to progress to senior management levels for variety of reasons.

  • Need to have a 'real' job for them to go into at the end of the apprenticeship.

  • Targets in public sector, but not in private sector.

Senior Management Development

  • Online options - Exec Online, Harvard ManageMentor

  • New HMM platform works well internationally, but needs to be customised

  • Collaboration company – can link senior leaders in with experiences

  • Don't overlook the basics, comprehensive PDP and line manager discussions with feedback

  • 50 people upskilled as ICF coaches in one organisation

  • Extent to which we support individuals who aren't working out with more and more development

  • 'Faculty excellence' used in some organisations to ensure a culture of learning is created and knowledge passed on.

  • Organisations used - Hay for assessment and Kiddy and Partners, Preston Associates for coaching

Smart, lean, fast

  • Make decisions faster, embrace digital, indicators we are doing things faster

  • Angus Ridgeway, PotentiaLife - daily management decisions

  • Newspaper example with resistant individuals - pulled out some journalists and provided them with intensive training. Ensure they have support around them.

  • Timely decisions - IVs with successful people to understand what successful people do to understand what they do and spread the word

  • Charles Duhigg book on the topic - Smarter Faster Better: The Secrets of Being Productive

  • OneLeap - Hamish done work at Entrepreneur space


  • Principle - pre load all content

  • Try to make people feel part of the family before they join

  • Specific focus on grads

  • Aim to make sure they meet senior leaders as soon as possible

  • Induction process starts at recruitment process