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Talent and Leadership Club – February 2024 themes

 The Talent and Leadership Club is a thriving community of learning professionals with nearly a thousand members around the world. Each month members use the social media platforms to ask questions and share knowledge. This is a really valuable form for discussion, but also insight into what is on the mind of learning professionals. For the benefit of the wider learning community I review the discussions, anonymise the content and share the themes. I hope you find the following useful. It would be great to hear your thoughts as well.

Tech-Driven Professional Development – learning professionals discussed leveraging technology for leadership training, emphasising a forward-thinking approach to enhance learning experiences. They were particularly keen to understand the new technology that is available, and separate out what is robust, and what has added AI to their product description to make it appear current.

Building Learning Ecosystems – community members explored the establishment of academies. There seems to be a desire to bring the range of development interventions together in a coherent manner within organisations.


Nurturing Talent Development – despite the economic uncertainty there is still interest in talent mobility, skill development, and proactive talent strategies. My hypothesis is organisations want to identify and retain good talent as their skills are at a premium.


Global Collaboration in Coaching – a few community members were keen to find good quality coaches in non-English speaking countries. Despite the feeling that the coaching industry is reaching ‘peak coaching’, there is still a demand for good coaches with specific skillsets.


Psychometric profiling recommendations – members were seeking vendor recommendations for psychometric tools and were prepared to invest to find ways to identify and develop their people, despite economic uncertainty. Probably linking to the retention of high potential talent.


Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) – DEI feels like table-stakes for any progressive organisation now, at last. However, the community were expressing frustration with diversity in learning vendors and diverse coaches (or maybe they aren’t looking hard enough).


Navigating Change and Organisational Dynamics – discussions on change resistance and the use of frameworks like ADKAR reflect a collective effort to navigate organisational shifts. Feels like a bit of a theme running through this month of uncertainty and impending change brought about by a range of factors.


Adapting Work Practices – there was a debate around flexible working arrangements with people sharing experiences of compressed working hours and other tools at our disposal. It still feels like organisations are trying to find what ‘normal’ looks like for them post-pandemic and there doesn’t seem to be a ‘one size fits all’ approach as different approaches suit different organisations.


Strategic Leadership Development – it always comes up, this month community members were seeking advice on designing leadership programs, emphasising strategic thinking and influence in leadership development.


So, that’s it for the month of February. Let’s see what March holds.

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